Initial (One time only)


5 PGST Sessions




20 PGST Sessions


30 PGST Sessions


Personal Groove Soul Training

Personal Groove Soul Training (PGST) sessions consist of a Soul-N-Groove Therapy Instructor showing and displaying grooves from urban cultures and marginalized communities (Folk Dances) that have been made popular overtime in music and media. The Instructors job is to achieve the goals of the client's physical needs. This is a One-on-One or Partner participation Training sessions that will require active participation from both the instructor and client(s).

Here is what we suggest our clients should think about before initiating a lessons:

  • Choose a time that BEST fits in your current schedule
  • Pick the
  • DEFINE what your aiming or reaching towards (Goals)
  • COMMUNICATE any past or present injuries so that instructor can properly engage safe movement patterns
  • Learn how to LEAD and to FOLLOW with help from our instructor (Understanding Music)
  • Get the individual ATTENTION to help you pick up movement accurately and efficiently
    *Before Taking ANY Sessions there is an initial one-time ONLY sample PGST session with the instructor so that you can see if this is a good fit for you! Processing Fee Consist of Classroom Space for $50 for one hour of Instruction, which is equivalent to one session.

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