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Birthday Parties

Jam-N-Groove offers diverse birthday party options to cater to a range of ages from 10 years old and up (Willing to discuss and negotiate age range). We will provide your party guests great fun, dance moves and party experience you'll never forget. The associated parental stress will be eliminated.


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Dance Classes

Sessions will be comprised of Breathing Techniques, A Warm-up with Low, Mid and High Tempo Movement Sequences that will explore Afro-Caribbean movement. This session for sure will Ignite your Soul to move and leave your worries on the Floor!


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Our instructors at Soul-N-Groove Therapy and Associates can help make your wedding day more enjoyable and successful with the couples “First Dance” to their chosen unique song. Whether the goal is a simple one, we want both to feel more natural and confident on the floor with the basics. However if there is a larger goal of something more advanced we can definitely make sure that it work.

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