30 Life Changing-Realizations from Robert Cecil Brooks III

1. LIFE-Strong Immunity. Before my diagnosis I was uneducated and judgmental about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus because I wasn't associated with understanding life and the powers that be. 2. Handful of SUPPORTIVE family and Friends around me. People who've been there in all times and even more times on the way. 3. GOD GIVEN TALENTS-Using my Gifts, skills, knowledge and experience to help inspire and uplift the lives of others, especially children.

"Get Back Up AGAIN" by Robert Cecil Brooks III

While on the way to Church I enjoyed my walk to the train station listening to Donnie McClurkin's "We Fall Down" and that message was received well. I felt my heart open and heard the voice of God telling me, "My Child your are NOT your past. Change is coming for you." I was so elated, excited and relieved, because I am a person who usually holds onto a lot not realizing that certain things such as negative thoughts, bad memories and not so favorable experiences should be left behind and not held onto.