"I've learned that if a child's love tank isn't filled that he or she grows up to be an emotionally unstable human being. I feel that it is a duty of all adults (parents and non-parents) to show a child as much love as possible regardless of the child's behavior. It is within the behavior of the adults that children learn from." We believe children are the future. We provide comprehensive dance educator classes for groups and individuals.

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“I think Mr. Robbie is a great teacher because he teaches us how to
come out of our comfort zone. I learned how to be more flexible, how to express myself through dance and how to be out of my shell! In his class it have change my perspective to put myself into other people’s shoes.”

Jada W 6th Grade @ MSAP

“I think that Mr. Robbie is a smart, inspirational, out-going teacher. Also he is the best dance teacher in the world. I’ve Learned that when I am put on the spot to just do something and to not give up. I think with Mr. Robbie’s help I am becoming an outstanding dancer because I have changed as a person. I am more brave to dance, I don’t allow other negativity or opinion of me to be my guide and that is something that I learned from Mr. Robbie.”

Khadija S. 6th Grade 6th Grade @ MSAP

“I feel Mr Robbie is real and straightforward and has no regards to who you but is always respectful. Mr Robbie is a great dance teacher that pushes us out of our comfort zone and even sings (none of the other dance teacher I have ever had sang in class). Some of the things I have learned from Mr Robbie is to loosen up and get out of my comfort zone because if you don’t you will never be open to other things and you will forever live in a glass box”

Lauren V. Middle School Of Art and Philosophy

“Mr. Robbie is very cool, he can dance and create his own dances. He doesn’t care what people say, he is a leader, not a follower. He can sing well. I learn how to dance from his classes”

Kelvin D. Middle School of Art and Philosophy

“Mr Robbie is an inspiring role model for boys and girls who love to dance but don’t embrace it. As a person that doesn’t embrace her dance skills, I feel that being around a person like Mr. Robbie makes me feel like I could embrace that side that doesn’t feel like showing the world what I’m capable of. I’ve learned that being a student of Mr. Robbie can make you embrace your unique and talented side of dance without fear of being judged by the way you dance because everyone has a unique side”

Toviyah F. Middle School of Art Of Philosophy