30 Life Changing-Realizations

by Robert Cecil Brooks III

1. LIFE-Strong Immunity. Before my diagnosis I was uneducated and judgmental about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus because I wasn’t associated with understanding life and the powers that be.

2. Handful of SUPPORTIVE family and Friends around me. People who’ve been there in all times and even more times on the way.

3. GOD GIVEN TALENTS-Using my Gifts, skills, knowledge and experience to help inspire and uplift the lives of others, especially children.

4. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-Developing and fine-tuning my understanding of LOVE, which should never be conditional regardless of other people’s actions.

5. SPIRITUAL KNOWING-Stepped in FAITH being more committed to my OWN understanding and Relationship with GOD.

6. EXAMPLE OF LOVE-It was beautiful to see my Grandparents celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

7. TAKE RISK- I qualified and developed my own People Serving Business for almost 2 years.

8. ACTIVE MEDITATION-Completed a Marathon (Half-Marathon). I most certainly will do many more.

9. GOOD LEADERS FOLLOW GOOD LEADERS-Lead by powerful Mentors, who help people create significant changes in their lives.

10. DEDICATION-Students who understand hard work and what it means to be ALL IN!

11. RELATIONSHIPS-Experienced 4 Heartbreaks and witness not ONLY my strength, be the will of God and his plan for me.

12. WORDS MEAN EVERYTHING- especially when you put action behind it to support your truth. It’s not enough to say SORRY and not change the behavior that caused you to be sorry in the first place.

13. CONCERT DANCE-Danced with a Repertory Company almost 7 years.

14. HOUSING-Had my own apartment @ Age 26, Had First Apartment @ age 22.

15. TELEVISION: Starred in Three Professional Commercials.

16. COMMUNITY-Worked for a Community Based Organization as a Peer Health Educator and Group Facilitator.

17. PRODUCTION-Did Three Off-Broadway Productions.

18. QUIET TIME/ME TIME- Learned that sometimes it’s better to be alone, because if people don’t want to be apart of what you’re doing…do it anyway. You’ll find some like minded people Along the route.

19. PEACE & SERENITY (Non-Verbal)-Sometimes it’s better to not say anything. Silence can be a healer at times.

20. “NO” -It’s not a bad thing to accept it or to say. No is a sentence!

21. LESSONS Happen in Mistakes, never be ashamed just learn and move on from it.

22. FINANCIAL KNOWLEDGE-Understanding that money isn’t everything, but it is an important tool to use to help others in need or to prepare ones self in case of any emergency.

23. REPLACED, REMOVED OF FIRED Losing a Job is not the end of the World it’s about getting up and making sure your next move is better than the first (I’ve been fired twice before and had better OPPORTUNITIES that followed after my job losses).

24. COMMUNICATION-it’s important to communicate to your loves one how much you love them, it’s also even more important to tell strangers how much you love them too!

25. READING-I disliked reading in Junior High-School and High-school. Last year I read 26 books in total. So far this year from January to May I’ve read 10.

26. WRITING-It’s so important to not ONLY visualize the things you want, but to also put it down on paper because it gives what you want more value. So when you READ it you have no other choice then to be responsible to yourself to complete it.

27. SGL- I am a Same Gender Lover.

28. CULTIVATE CULTURE-things last outside of social media and text, I realized in-depth conversations via text can lead to many disagreements so communicate via in person (leaves room for authentic communication.

29. EMBRACE THE ENVIRONMENT- Its fine to step away from work or to wake up and take a deep breath while walking.

30. LAST but NOT Least be comfortable being your own best Friend, ADVOCATE for you and your well-being!