"Get Back Up AGAIN"

by Robert Cecil Brooks

While on the way to Church I enjoyed my walk to the train station listening to Donnie McClurkin’s “We Fall Down” and that message was received well.  I felt my heart open and  heard the voice of God telling me, “My Child your are NOT your past. Change is coming for you.” I was so elated, excited and relieved, because I am a person who usually holds onto a lot not realizing that certain things such as negative thoughts, bad memories and not so favorable experiences should be left behind and not held onto.
Meanwhile, as I am Gradually walking up the stairs of the number (3) Train Station on Sutter Avenue I felt a huge burden being lifted from me. I knew it was my creator stepping into my heart and holding me up to an awareness to no longer give up regardless of the struggle or obstacles. I was reminded that life is both a journey and a process and if I want to move forward or ahead in life I would have to practice grace, forgiveness and peace. I knew within that moment if I was to give into my semi-negatively provoked thoughts that I was be a step further away from the Kingdom (my eternal happiness).
However, Outside of being a Christian, I believe that change is necessary and can be applied to anyone. Just like In Donnie McClurkin’s song he says “We  fall down, but we get up…… we fall down,  but we get up……get back up again…. get back up again”. Mr. McClurkin’s message is clear in the essence that mistakes or hurdles come along the way and that the joy of those challenges are simply in a decision for us to strive and overcome regardless of our position in life.
No matter what the hardship is or past time, we are all capable of choosing to overcome our pain, our struggles and most importantly our past. For each day that we are alive we are given another opportunity to better ourselves and to pour into other people’s lives who may need it. So if you fall down, please get back up AGAIN!