We Congratulate you on the joy of your upcoming wedding! However, we understand that learning to dance for a wedding can be super fun and we would love to work with wedding such as: couples/fathers of the bride/mothers of the groom/ full wedding crew of family and friends! Our instructors at Soul-N-Groove Therapy and Associates can help make your wedding day more enjoyable and successful with the couples “First Dance” to their chosen unique song. Whether the goal is a simple one, we want both to feel more natural and confident on the floor with the basics. However if there is a larger goal of something more advanced we can definitely make sure that it work. Dance with Jam-N-Groove offers a complete array of dance-related services for your wedding.Price Ranges: ****$350-$450 *Prices can be discussed upon request

Preparing the couple to be their first dance

We create a unique routine done specifically to the song of your choice. Most couples can learn to dance at a basic level in 5 private lessons. We also teach more elaborate choreography for wedding first dances, such as custom routines from movies, etc. We can help you create the wedding dance of your dreams given enough time. But for couples with a limited time or budget, we offer smaller packages which should be enough to plan a simple, elegant first dance.

Family and Bridal or Groom Party dance lessons

We provide dance lessons for parents of the bride and groom, and the groomsmen and braids maids. We teach and create dances for the groom and bridal party. The perfect way to get everyone on the floor and create unforgettable memories.

Wedding Flashmobs

We create a unique flash-mob, with some of our professional dancers. We provide training to the bridal party to ensure an engaging and inclusive flash-mob that will take your guests by storm.

Professional Dance Shows with a Professional Host.

Professional Dance Shows for your rehearsal dinner or reception. Fun and Easy dance instruction for rehearsal dinner or reception guests. Professional Host will ensure and engaging and inclusive event.


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